Borrow Between £5,000 and £100,000!

If you are looking for a large cash loan but have been rejected with your applications for unsecured personal loans, getting a homeowner loan might be your only chance to obtain the money that you need. UK Loan 247 is here to make your search for a secured loan quick and easy! Simply fill out our online form today to receive your FREE, no-obligation homeowner loan quote!

What are Homeowner Loans?

Homeowner loans are also commonly referred to as secured loans, because of the fact that the loan is secured against the borrower’s home. The value in one’s home equity is used to take out a second loan, which is why homeowner loans are also called as second mortgage.

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Property Valuation

The lender will investigate how much outstanding mortgage balance is left, or whether you have another secured loan.

Borrow Between £5,000 and £100,000!

Basically, the borrower’s home serves as collateral, allowing the lender to foreclose the asset in the event of default. Because a valuable property is on the line, the lender gains more confidence in lending out a substantial amount, as compared to a loan that is unsecured.

Any Purpose Loans

Whether you want to pursue continuing education, finance a new car, renovate your home, or consolidate your debts, the money you can get from secured loans are typically large enough for these huge expenses. In life, big things happen from time to time, and most of them are major financial moves that you couldn’t avoid. UK Loan 247 is here to assist you in making your dreams happen, together with our partner lenders who are more than willing to provide the financial assistance that you need.

Customize Your Loans

When applying through UK Loan 247, we can help you find secured loans that you can customize to suit your budget requirements. Above getting the money that you need, being able to pay back your debt in a timely fashion is even more important, in order to protect your life’s biggest investment. Knowing the risks involved in secured lending, we are here to guide you in every step of the way so that you will be able to make smart loan choices that would give you long term benefits.

You may pay between one and twenty five years, whatever is a convenient timeframe for you. What matters is that you can avoid missing the instalments and you can stay on top of your finances.

No Upfront Fees

UK Loan 247, nor our partner lenders will charge you upfront fees. You will not be subjected to any cost or obligation when using our service, nor will there be any hidden charges. We will provide you with a free quote that includes all the fees associated with your application, but you won’t have to pay for anything until the loan’s completion.

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We are UK Loan 247, your one and true partner in finding great homeowner loan deals online. We compare the cost of secured loans across various lenders, ensuring that you’ll get the most competitive rates in the market without having to lift a finger.
We have been in the industry for years, and given our long history of excellent quality service and top notch customer support, you can count that we will never let you down. True to our name, we are here 24/7 for whatever needs or concerns that you may have.
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